Team ZEN just wanted to send this email to see how you’re doing and share a few activities. As we all practice social distancing, we find ourselves spending more time at home and with our families. I wanted to share with you a few fun ideas that you can do while at home. Whether it’s finding things for your kids to do while you work or a fun activity to do at night, these activities will have everyone smiling.


Take out a classic board game for a family game night. Monopoly, Candy Land, and Chutes and Ladders are all fun.

Lights. Camera. Action. We all have cameras and the ability to edit videos on our phones. Put your creative hat on and make your own movie with your family playing starring roles.


Use cardboard or blankets to build forts throughout your home. Use your forts to have a family campout inside.

It’s important to stay connected during this tough time. Schedule video calls with friends and family.



If it’s safe, go outside for a walk or play in your backyard. If it’s nice, get outside or open a window for some fresh air.

Use pictures of family members or characters to create a fun scavenger hunt.


We hope that these ideas and tips will help bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones. We would love to hear what you’re doing to keep your family busy while you’re at home. Please be safe, be healthy and please reach out to anyone you trust if you start feeling a bit depress or sad. These feelings are very common but just know you are not alone. Team Zen is sending you positive vibes and loving thoughts!