“Weeding is an inevitable part of gardening that I actually enjoy. There’s something about clearing away those unwanted weeds that is meditative and satisfying.”

How often do you get “Garden Overwhelm”? In the South Eastern US and especially in the rainy mid-summer months, gardening can seem like a never-ending job.

And this year more than most years, we are also experiencing more weather extremes, which creates even more overwhelm. This can make you feel like “throwing in the trowel.”

I have 7 tips to continue to enjoy your garden, keep it productive, and not kill yourself.

Here are the seven tips:

1. Make a list of what needs to be done. Keep in mind that it can change based on the weather. I use a blank garden journal to keep a record. This way, you have a garden history book on what is working (or not) to produce a healthy garden while pinpointing what needs to be done more urgently.

2. Remember it is progress, not perfection in the garden. Give yourself credit for what gets done each time you work. You will always see something that needs to be done later.

3. Leave some parts of your garden, wild and messy. Knowing those areas are habitat for pollinators, birds, frogs, and other beneficial garden mates.

4. Focus on the areas that get the most traffic, such as beds around your front door and edging around beds and adding thick layers of mulch. I love pine needles these days. They look great and are less expensive than bark. They also reduce future Weeding and keep your plants moist in our hot climate.

5. If watering is too time-consuming for you, try adding some type of drip irrigation system to keep your plants adequately watered.

6. Know when you to reduce the size of your working garden if it’s not enjoyable anymore. There are many ways to make your garden easier to maintain.

7. Keep your soil healthy, so your plants grow and naturally shade out weeds.

Let me know your most significant “Garden Overwhelm,” and I will help you come up with a plan to tackle it.

Written by Rey Perez | About Rey | mindfulrealtors.com | rey.perez@zenlivingrealty.com 


A Way to Garden’s Margaret Roach, the gardening columnist, author, and podcast host. Margaret was a senior publishing executive before leaving the corporate life in 2007 to become an organic gardening advocate. And dedicate more time to gardening on her two-acre property in upstate New York. She never looked back.