I recently read an article* about a study that was done on the health benefits of gardening.  It reported the many benefits of gardening and how it creates high levels of meaningfulness, especially vegetable gardening! It also found it creates a feeling of emotional wellbeing and gardeners are just as happy doing it solo as with a buddy.  I could not agree more.

I find that gardening for me is also a great form of:

  • practicing mindfulness
  • practicing patience
  • Practicing faith

 When I work in my garden, I become very present and focused on what I am doing. It calms my mind and gives me a great workout as I weed, transplant, cutback and pay close attention at my garden’s health.  These are all the basic skills of mindfulness.

As the article I read states, planting veggies especially from seed is the most rewarding gardening experience.  This is where patience comes into play.  With vegetables, you must plant them, wait for them to come up, and nurture them with good organic materials and soil to keep them healthy, so they produce bountiful crops.

Also, there is no rushing them to grow and so it forces me to have faith in the process of nature.

As a real estate professional and avid gardener, I think that new communities and even established ones should incorporate into the home landscapes as well as common areas more opportunities for people to garden.  I believe the benefits are proven and I think creating an area with some raised dirt and a trowel is cheaper to build than a new rec center or clubhouse that many times go largely unused.

I hope you enjoyed my first of a series of gardening thoughts and ideas. I like to think that I am a garden coach of sorts and would love to connect with folks to discuss gardening as well as their real estate needs. I also plan on writing more about my garden experiences moving forward and including them in our ZEN Blog.

*Source:    https://www.fastcompany.com/90504125/princeton-researchers-discover-that-home-gardening-is-basically-the-answer-to-societys-ills



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