Your house is nothing like “Hoarders”! Marie Kondo would come in and… ask if your “collection” of baseball cards really sparks joy. Take steps to clear out the clutter in your life. You may just wind up transforming your home!


Marie Kondo Your Life 

There’s a great reason the KonMari Method became a craze; it’s a simple way of helping you decide what is — and what isn’t — important to you is a great way to shed some belongings. Follow these steps to get started on “Marie Kondo”-ing your own home.


Be Thankful

Your house is where you get to build your life with your family. Start by thanking your home for providing shelter.


Pile It Up

Going room-by-room, pile things up by category. For example, put all of your clothing in one place. This will help you visualize how much of each item you have.


Does it Spark Joy?

Item-by-item, ask yourself if it sparks joy in your life. If it does, then it’s not a big deal to keep it. If it doesn’t, get rid of it. Don’t keep things just to keep things! This is what causes clutter to pile up. 


Stand Things Up

After you’ve decided what sparks joy and what doesn’t, it’s time to find a home for everything. Hang up or fold clothes, and give each item its own spot. This way, your letter opener doesn’t just hang out somewhere on the counter; it goes in your brand new, dedicated stationary drawer.


Tiny Boxes

Think about your junk drawer. Most likely, it’s everything crammed into one spot. Tiny boxes can help organize miscellaneous items.


Organize By Size

If you can’t prop things up so that you can see them, organize them by size. This makes it easy to know exactly where in the closet or drawer you need to be looking for something. 


Decluttering in No Time

Sometimes you just need to declutter — fast.  Simplify your decluttering method into five different categories. Get a bin or basket for each category, and clearly label to its corresponding category to make decluttering go even faster. To keep things from getting overwhelming, take it one room at a time, and clean out your baskets at the end of each room.


Put Away

Honestly, how did the cheese grater end up in the laundry room? Use this category for anything you want to keep and desperately needs to be put away. 



Yes, you were going to read the newspaper from three weeks ago, but now you have four more issues to catch up on. Toss any newspaper, plastic, glass, or paper into this category. 


Fix or Mend

That broken button or dirty pair of shoes can be tossed into this bin. Instead of letting the stuff you’ve been meaning to do pile up, keep it in one place to come back to at another time.



Some things are simply trash. Use this category to get rid of anything you don’t want to keep and cannot be donated or recycled.



You may not need three copies of the same book, but your library might! Toss any items that you want to get rid of, but are in good condition into this category. 


Decluttering your house is the first step to zen living. If you find your home is in need of a complete upgrade, Zen Living Realty can help during the Orlando realty process. By getting to know you and your needs, we can make sure you’re getting the home of your dreams! Give us a call at (407) 800-2717 to speak with a realtor about your dream home.