Tips for Staying Zen when Living in a Home Listed for SaleSelling your home and moving to a new one can be a very stressful time, and even more so if you are still living in your home while it is on the market. Luckily there are three simple solutions to make life easier. By keeping it simple, keeping it clean and keeping it in mind you can keep a stronger hold on your sanity during this complicated time.

Keep It Simple

When someone is looking at your home they want to envision it as their own. When you eliminate personal touches and replace them with classic, clean styling, imaginations are engaged.

This is a good time to start packing. Begin with nonessential and personal items such as pictures and knick knacks. Less is more, so pack up excess items and leave the basics. Go through each room and evaluate what’s what. Many designate a give away box or have an impromptu garage sale, and it’s a great opportunity to do so.

This is a family affair so divide and conquer. It’s not the time to go to war with the kids because they may feel the stress of the move as well. Get them involved in choosing which things can be boxed up first and which they want close by. They can also voice their opinion in other rooms such as the kitchen and garage.

Keep It Clean

You want your home to sparkle and shine. From the bedrooms to the garage and every other room in between, it’s time for a deep clean. Roll up your sleeves and use that precious elbow grease. Once a top to bottom deep clean is accomplished it’s important to maintain.

A minute here and a minute there can be a great time saver. Make the beds in the morning and get the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher immediately. Take shoes off before entering the home to keep dust from tracking in. And, when it’s warm outside, cooking dinner on the grill makes for less cleaning up in the kitchen. Clear counters each night and keep reminder notes in one spot, or better yet in an app on your phone.

Keep it in Mind

Keep in mind what you are looking for in your next home and apply it to your existing one. If you are seeking a property with more space, think about what you could do to make your home seem more spacious. Sometimes decluttering is all you need.

Many realtors prefer the homeowner not be present when prospective buyers are taking a look. Ask for an hour or two notice so you aren’t caught off guard, but try to be flexible too. It’s easier to say yes if you have a to go bag packed for spontaneous requests.

Some opt to have their homes “staged” by a professional and it’s best to do what works for you. If you are a do it yourself kind of person, and if you keep it simple, keep it clean and keep it in mind, not only will you make your budget happy but you will be able to cross a lot of packing and organization off of your list too.