Social distancing or not, loneliness can hit you in the most unexpected moments. But when you’re suddenly thrown into a situation where you can’t see some of the people you’re used to seeing on a semi-regular basis, those feelings can be heightened. Here are some helpful solutions to take control of your emotions and combat loneliness during these uncertain times.

Go outside more.

Connection doesn’t always have to be human-to-human. Taking time out of your day to get outside can help you feel more connected to nature, alleviating feelings of loneliness. Feel the sun on your skin and bask in what Mother Nature has to offer.

Find ways to be held accountable.

While you can’t physically see the person you would normally go to the gym or attend book club with, there are still ways to challenge each other to continue being active and doing what you love. Text those in your network every day to make sure you’re still getting up and moving, reading, or whatever it is you typically do with others.


Write it out. 

Whether or not you’re an avid writer, keeping a gratitude journal can be a great way to remind you of all the little things in life there are to be grateful for. It will help you recognize that even while adjusting to a new normal, there are so many things that can give you even the tiniest boost of positivity.

Plan a virtual coffee hour.


Whether with a family member, friend, or coworker, set up a time to connect virtually to catch up. Even if just for an hour or less, this time can help you feel less alone. Plan multiple virtual hangouts in a week to have something to look forward to, and even get ready like you normally would when going out to meet somebody for coffee.

Know that you’re not alone.

You may be alone physically, but know that there are countless people in your shoes. If virtually connecting to those closest to you isn’t enough, HearMe is an app built to help you feel less isolated. It connects you an “empathetic listener” where you can anonymously share your feelings. Don’t let your emotional well-being slip through your fingers. Reach out and know that there’s a trained listener on the other end to hear you and help you through your loneliness.


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