One of the greatest teachers of mindfulness and meditation, Thich Nhat Hanh, describes mindfulness as the ability to dwell in the here and now. He explains that this does not mean you never think about the past or plan responsibly for the future. "The idea is simply not to allow yourself to get lost in regrets about the past or worries about the future. If you are firmly grounded in the present moment, the past can be an object of inquiry, the object of your mindfulness and concentration. You can attain many insights by looking into the past. But you are still grounded in the present moment."

    But what means to be grounded? Well, according to the dictionary the word grounded is an adjective and means "to be well balance and sensible". In my personal experience, a simple 10-20 min daily mindfulness or meditation can rapidly increase your focus and even your mood. To ground yourself here are a few ideas known to be very effective in achieving this ZEN state of mind:

  • Yoga: Moving your body through different poses and using your breath can be extremely beneficial for your health. 

  • Meditation: Also known as mindfulness, means to become the "observer" rather than the participant, this practice can not only relax your mind but also create space for insights and inner intuitive wisdom. 

  • Gardening: Gardening can be very grounding, specially if you walk barefoot on the grass, this is known for energizing your body and mind. Realtor® Rey shares here how to plan beautiful sunflowers.
  • Meditational walks/run/bike rides: Walking with the intention of clearing your mind can offer a "digital detox", a moment to just appreciate nature (if outdoors), or simply take a break from the computer or other work related tasks that can add on stress and worries about planning our future or wanting to control every minute of our days.

  • Washing dishes or doing any home chores: Yes, you are reading it right! Washing dishes and noticing how the water feels on our hands can be in itself a way of being mindful. 


    Zen Living Realty's slogan "A Mindful Approach To Your Real Estate Needs" results in more ease while achieving your desired results. Our intention is to be present and our goal is to serve mindfully our local community and those who chose to partner with us throughout the real estate process.

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